Author Topic: Individual versus Group Mining - why different block rates?  (Read 4176 times)


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I have been mining for a few months.  I have tried many mining pools.  It seems to me that I find blocks easily in mining pools where finding blocks is not rewarded, but not at all where blocks are rewarded.  At nice hash I am consistently finding at least 4 blocks per week, often as high as 8.  But I have tried pools where such accomplishment is rewarded, ran the miner a week at a time, and I just ended up with zilk in my wallet.    If I would be rewarded for my 4 - 8 blocks at the rate said to be the reward for such accomplishment at the private mining pools, I would do quite well financially.  But I don't Cry.  There is mischief in this Angry!  There has to be.  Someone help decode it.