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Build your own blockchain
« on: April 10, 2018, 08:40:07 AM »
Having done a search i couldn't find a thread on building your own blockchain.

Granted, i did search on google and found a fantastic tutorial on Hackernoon by Daniel van Flymen, so full credit to him and the awesome Hackernoon website.

I am currently finishing a virtual box image that i will upload to google drive for those who want a ready running setup, ready to mine their own genesis block.

For those who want to do it themselves, go here and enjoy

You will need to have some general knowledge on how to use an IDE such as Wings or Codeblocks and Python. You will be using Python for the blockchain.

If you do get struck go to Daniels github repo which is referenced in the tutorial and check out the readme file.

I did note that there were some linearity issues with the instructions but some persistence paid off.

I tripped thorugh the pipenv initialization and the initial POSTman initial transaction command. It was a bit confusing but again i persisted and have built 2 blockchains for my colleagues at work.

I intend to use this example to track completion certificates in my own project.

i found this tutorial quite empowering and the catalyst for my own projects for the future.

Feel free to ask any questions, and i am thinking about making my own tutorial here with more detail for the beginner.

I am confident anyone can do this.


VBox image link coming soon.